Heart Towns and Cities

Heart town launch Derby

As a Heart City we hope to bring the community together to tackle heart health and improve the lives of every single person living in Derby.

Derek Ward, Director of Public Health

Heart Towns and Cities is a scheme where entire communities come together to join the fight against heart disease.

Heart Towns and cities benefit from our range of resources and education programmes so that everyone can take practical steps to improve their heart health.

Heart Towns and Cities also host a wide range of events and activities, such as Heart Town bike rides, walks or runs - uniting the community for one day to fundraise for our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

What are the benefits?

Everyone in your community can learn practical steps on how to improve their heart health. By living within a Heart Town or Heart City you can benefit from our wide range of resources and education programmes, including:

  • Heart Matters – a free service for keeping your heart Heart Town launch in Bromley 2healthy, including a magazine that’s packed with great ideas and support.
  • Keeping Young Hearts Beating – a programme for local schools, youth groups and nurseries – including Arties Olympics, Ultimate Dodgeball and Jump Rope for Heart.
  • Health at Work – turn your work place into a more active, energised environment with this free package of practical tools and resources to promote better health in your organisation.

How can we become a Heart Town or City?

We're looking to work with communities across the country to help us save lives. Call us on 0300 330 3322 if you'd like to find out how your town or city can get involved.