19 April 2013

Heart disease capital of the UK revealed

The fight for every heartbeat begins with you

As the fight for every heartbeat begins, new statistics show that where you live can have a huge impact on your heart health. Tameside in Greater Manchester is the UK’s heart disease capital.

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People in Tameside are more likely to die from coronary heart disease than anyone else in the UK. Their risk is three times higher than in Kensington and Chelsea - where people have the healthiest hearts.

Professor Peter Weissberg, BHF Medical Director, said: "These latest figures expose staggering inequalities in deaths from heart disease across the UK. But it’s unacceptable that people continue to die from heart attacks, regardless of their postcode."

Use your mouse to hover over the map and find the top 20 most at risk UK areas. The death rate from coronary heart disease is by 100,000 people.

Join the fight

We are calling on people across the UK to fight back against this killer. We're bringing together heart patients and scientists to spread the message that heart research is the weapon we need to win the battle against heart disease.

On Saturday 20 April, a moving TV advert will broadcast across the nation for the first time. The ad features a devastating moment that sent a chill across the nation last year – Fabrice Muamba’s on pitch cardiac arrest.

Medical research costs money and we urgently needs support to rid the UK of heart disease.

BHF Professor Mark Kearney, a researcher, cardiologist and one of the stars of the TV advert, said:

“I hate seeing the impact of heart disease on children, parents and grandparents - my experience in clinic is an everyday reminder that heart disease devastates too many lives.

“I’m searching for a breakthrough to put an end to the suffering. But medical research costs money and we urgently needs support to rid the UK of heart disease and the misery it brings.”

We are calling for people to text FIGHT to 70123 and give £3 to join the fight for every heartbeat or make a donation online.

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