January 31, 2013

Linking obesity and high blood pressure

Blood Pressure test strapScientists we fund at the University of Bristol have been looking at how the brain controls body weight. They've found a molecule in the brain which may increase our understanding of why obesity often leads to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Thanks to your donations we are funding researchers to study a molecule called MC4R as it is thought to play a crucial role in the development of obesity and its related health problems. Individuals without enough of the molecule appear to develop severe obesity and type 2 diabetes. This research now shows that MC4R may also be behind the increase in blood pressure commonly seen in obese people.

Dr Shannon Amoils, Research Advisor at the BHF, which part-funded the study, said:

“This research increases our understanding of how the nervous system affects our metabolism, and the development of high blood pressure due to obesity. With further knowledge of this complex area we hope scientists will be able to find safe and effective ways of treating obesity-related heart and circulatory disorders.”

This research was published in the journal Cell

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