December 19, 2012

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is the most unwanted Christmas gift of 2012!

unwanted Christmas giftsTwo in three people receive at least one gift that they don’t want every Christmas - according to a study by our Shops as we launch our annual Unwanted Christmas Gifts Appeal this December.

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy came out top of the charts with over a quarter of people admitting this would be their most unwanted gift. Coming in at a close second was the Olympics Highlight DVD, followed by a weight loss DVD and the recently fashionable Onesie. The Christmas jumper came in last with only 7% of people selecting it as their most unwanted gift.

Our Retail Director, Mike Taylor, comments: 

People often receive perfectly good gifts that are just not to their taste

"People often receive perfectly good gifts that are just not to their taste, are the wrong size, or even two of the same gift. Whether it’s a jumper that doesn't suit your taste; a CD that’s not to your liking; or a book you’ve already read - every donation will make a huge difference and help the BHF continue its life-saving work.”

Donate your unwanted gifts

Our Shops love the things you bring – even if you don’t! Our Shops sell over 90,000 items a day and unwanted presents provide valuable stock for our Shops.

Last Christmas our Shops received a surge in donations of candles, toiletries, clothing, accessories, books and DVDs. We would love to receive your unwanted gifts this Christmas.