We take the fight for world-class
heart science to Westminster

Joseph Clift Policy OfficerPolicy Officer Joseph Clift reports on the House of Lords inquiry into how the UK can remain a world-leader in the field of regenerative medicine - the essential technology behind Mending Broken Hearts.

Monday 12 November, 2012

Regenerative Medicine InquiryThe House of Lords Science and Technology Committee is looking into UK regenerative medicine research before considering how the country can continue to be world-leaders in this field. Last week our Medical Director, Professor Peter Weissberg, and top stem cell scientist BHF Professor Michael Schneider gave evidence to the inquiry.

Regenerative medicine research involves studying the science behind repairing or replacing tissue that has been lost or damaged. It offers hope for people living with heart failure whose hearts have been damaged by heart attacks.

Our involvement in the inquiry

It’s fantastic that we’re able to contribute to this process which will hopefully lead to recommendations that make this research more effective so people can benefit from treatments much sooner. Our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal hopes to fund more of this science so that we can find a cure for heart failure within a generation.

Professor Schneider, along with other expert scientists, spoke about the current status of this research – how it’s been reported in the media, along with current and future types of treatment. Our Medical Director was asked about funding for regenerative medicine research. Professor Weissberg was positive about the Government’s current approach which involves significant funding in this area through the Research Councils.

What happens now?

The Committee will continue to hear evidence through to the New Year from a variety of experts and funders. The inquiry will lead to a report being published in Spring 2013, with recommendations to the Government on how the UK can continue to be world-leaders in regenerative medicine.

On Friday last week, the Chancellor George Osborne also highlighted regenerative medicine as a major priority area for UK science. We will follow this process closely to ensure the UK remains a great place to do regenerative medicine research that could one day soon lead to a cure for heart failure.