July 02, 2012

A Great Britain, full of heart balloons

We have partnered with The De Vere Group to spread goodwill and positivity across the UK and save lives.

The De Vere Group is the UK's leading independent hospitality group and through our charity of the year partnership, its 65 properties across the UK will be fundraising to support our life-saving work.

The De Vere Group's staff and customers across the UK will be starting off the partnership by pledging a good deed to raise money for our research and support.

Spread positivity by pledging to do a Great British good deed

We all know what a good deed is but when was the last time you did one? Be it giving up your seat on public transport, donating money to charity or helping an elderly person with their heavy shopping bags.

Our partnership launch survey found, on average, a UK adult does between 2-3 good deeds per week. Donating money to charity was top of the list of most recent good deeds (28%) as well as picking up litter (16%), giving up their seat on public transport (12%),  taking part in a charity event (12%) and helping someone carry luggage up stairs (11%). 

Andrew Coppel, The De Vere Group CBE Group Chief Executive, commented: “The De Vere Group is proud to be supporting the BHF. We're asking our employees to spread positivity by pledging to do a Great British good deed to raise money to help the nation’s heart charity beat heart disease."