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Research saves lives - our researchers are fighting for every heartbeat

Dedicated to the fight against heart disease

Our task is to keep hearts beating and we focus our work on our groundbreaking research.

We are the UK's number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research we have already made a big difference to people's lives.

But the landscape of heart disease is changing. More people survive a heart attack or cardiac arrest than ever before, and that means more people are now living with heart disease and need our help.

As a result we have been reviewing our strategic approach with the help of staff, supporters and stakeholders.

Our new strategy will give us powerful focus in our fight for every heartbeat, and enable us to lead the fight against cardiovascular disease more effectively.

Our work

Today, we are funding thousands of research projects around the UK that are fighting heart disease. Discover more about this vital work:

We also help people millions of people every year with our up to date information about heart disease so the UK public are better informed.

Find out about:

Our publications offer vital information for heart patients and we also have resources for healthcare professionals.

We work hard to protect heart health and fight for better services for heart patients. Find out about our campaigns and how you can make a difference.

We are also taking our fight to politicians, government officials, workplaces and schools – find out about our work on policies.

But we can’t do it alone. We are working alongside government, other health charities, healthcare professionals and thousands of dedicated supporters. Everybody has a part to play in the fight against heart disease.

Join our fight for every heartbeat

Our research is powered by your support. Every pound raised, every minute of your time and every donation to our shops will help make a massive difference to people’s lives.